Les Pastras™ - Organic Provençal Farm

Spring 2018 Provence Gift Box!

Kir Liqueur Trio
Grab your favorite bottle of Champagne, white wine, or Prosecco and really make it sing with this trio of liqueurs in Provencal flavors. Just add a splash of fig, thyme, or lavender to your glass and, voila! You’re transported to the South of France. 

Rose Toner and Makeup Remover
I can’t live without this. I find most rose-scented products don’t do the rich scent of the flower justice, but this toner from Nuxe is a beautifully fragrant exception. Use with a cotton square to remove makeup or just freshen up your skin. Paraben-free and formulated for sensitive skin. 

Mimosa Candle
One of the first signs of springtime in Provence is the mimosa trees in bloom along the coast. Their fresh, orangey scent is so incredible that cruising the A8 in a convertible just to smell them is a yearly tradition. Plantes et Parfums makes their candles with 100% vegetable wax, natural cotton wicks and no paraffin. 

Lavender and Rosemary Soap
This organic liquid soap from CéBio smells like walking through our garden. Really. It says it’s for the shower or bath, but we use it as a hand soap because it smells so amazing. Made with essential oils, no added coloring, no parabens. 

Les Pastras Wildflower Honey
I’d never had real honey before I moved to France, and I certainly had no idea that the sweet stuff that came in a plastic bear was full of corn syrup. This organic honey has been filtered, but not pasteurized, so you can still taste the crystals of sugar and all the flavors of the wildflowers of Provence.

Pheasant Pâté
This pâté offers a real taste of authentic Provence life. Here in the French countryside, you really know where your food comes from. Our friends get their pheasant from a local hunter and make this amazing pâté themselves. Not available
in any store!

"The Springtime Provence Box was a huge success. Thank you"Yasmine Theys , France