Les Pastras - Organic Provençal Farm
Anyone can have roots in Provence! Just adopt an olive tree or truffle oak at Les Pastras. You'll receive an annual shipment of olive oil and/or truffles, the perfect way to begin the new year, and timed to make a great gift for the holidays. And for every tree purchased, we send a tree to the One Family orphanage in Haiti. 
Unlike other tree adoption programs that only ship products if and when your tree produces, we send every tree parent a gourmet package, every single year! Adoptive parents will receive:
-Shipment of black Perigord truffles and/or Les Pastras Cuvée Lisa extra-virgin olive oil. 
-Photo of your tree with your nameplate on it.
-Google Earth view of the property showing your tree's location and coordinates.
-Certificate of ownership.
-Happy feeling knowing that you provided a fruit tree to malnourished orphans in Haiti.