Les Pastras - Organic Provençal Farm

Summer 2018 Provence Gift Box!

Les Pastras Wine
Choose from our crisp pink rosé (summer water!) or versatile red Côtes du Luberon (a real crowd-pleaser). Enjoy with moderation or without!   

Les Pastras Truffle Beer
Enjoy a duo of our newest product, Truffle Beer. We’re so excited about our first batch! It’s made with organic hops and black winter truffles. Just 160 bottles of this craft lager exist and two of them are yours to enjoy. Store upright and chill 24 hours before serving. 

Les Pastras Truffle Honey
Our raw organic honey has been lovingly infused with black truffles right here at Les Pastras. It’s a perfect accompaniment for grilling season! Use to glaze roasted pork loin, grilled duck breasts, or create your own truffle honey and mustard dipping sauce for grilled chicken. If firing up the grill sounds like too much work, just drizzle on top of some chevre. Easy! 

Les Pastras Truffle Salt
This truffle-infused fleur de sel has more truffles than any other salt on the  market: 10%. And it’s good on absolutely everything. Jazz up your steaks, salads, or scrambled eggs for a touch of Provence wherever you are. 

Les Pastras Organic Olive Oil
This organic extra virgin olive oil is all your summer salads need! Our favorite thing is garden fresh tomatoes with truffle salt and this oil. Sometimes we even add basil and mozzarella. But honestly, the flavor is so wonderful, it doesn’t need it. 

Wild Boar Pâté
This pâté offers a real taste of authentic Provence life. Here in the French countryside, you really know where your food comes from. Our friends get their wild boar from a local hunter and make this amazing pâté themselves. Not available
in any store! Just spread on some toasted bread for an easy summer appetizer.