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Is it possible to pay by credit card? Yes, by using Paypal on our website. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to pay with your card.

When will my shipment arrive? Truffles are shipped in early January to avoid problems with transport during the Christmas rush and because this is when they're at their peak freshness and maturity. Clients receive notice of the shipping date in advance to assist with party/meal planning. Olive oil can be shipped at any time of year.

What happens if I don't pay my annual fee? You will receive two e-mail reminders. One when it is due and one towards the end of the month of December. The last one will have a final warning that failure to pay indicates to us that you to not wish to continue your adoption and a request to contact us at once if that isn’t the case. If we don’t hear from you by January 1st your adoption will be terminated and a notice to that effect will sent by email to your last known address. When you receive this you will still have a few days to make payment and request that your adoption be re-activated. Failing this, your tree will be put up for adoption again. It is critical, therefore, that you let us know of e-mail and postal address changes.

What if my tree dies? As long as your annual fee payments are up to date we will either replace the tree in the same plot or offer you another plot with an equivalent tree.

When is the best time to visit my tree? Book a truffle hunting experience at Les Pastras, from November 15th until March 15th or from May 1st until September 30th.

What happens if my tree doesn’t produce truffles? As long as you continue to pay your annual fee you will still receive 100 grams of black Perigord truffles every year. Shipping and customs not included.  

What happens if my tree produces more than 100 grams of truffles? It’s important to know that even with all the care and love we give our truffle trees, the usual percentage of trees producing truffles will be between 30-50%. It can also take between 5 (very rare) and 10 years for a tree to produce its first truffles. So even if your tree produces more, you will receive 100 grams, which amortizes the time when your tree didn’t produce any truffles and you still received your annual shipment.

Other tree adoption programs only send something to the tree parents if and when the tree produces, which can be a long-term investment and a costly disappointment. But we want everyone invested in Les Pastras to share in the fruits of our labor.  

What if I don’t want to receive my truffles one year? No problem, we will reduce your annual fee according to the value of the market price of truffles that year.

Why isn’t the shipping cost included? Our clientele are worldwide (from Australia to Ireland, from the US to Japan) and the cost of shipping and customs fluctuates a lot depending on where you live. Thanks to our relationship with FedEx International, you will get the best rate possible. Shipping costs will be paid prior to receiving your annual package of truffles or olive oil. 

Do you really send a tree to orphans in Haiti? Yes, we do! Les Pastras is a proud supporter of the One Family orphanage in Dargout, Haiti. Our personal friends, Kelsey Remple and Jennifer Savini make regular trips to this orphanage throughout the year. They've started a garden there that provides the children with fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to teaching them to grow their own food. The tree sent on your behalf will be a fruit-bearing one, usually mango or papaya. 

Have more questions? Contact us!

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