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Here in Provence, we're privileged to live in a lush, green countryside that provides a bounty of fruit and vegetables. Not everybody is so lucky. That's why we donate 50% of the profits from each bottle of olive oil and truffle oil to children's charities. We also make a donation for each tree adopted. Your purchase helps make a difference to children all over the world who desperately need your help. Thank you for giving!



When Canadian couple Samantha Jackson & Farzin Yousefian decided to forgo their fancy wedding and donate the money toward bringing a Syrian refugee family to Canada, we were inspired. We donated $2,000 to help.

To date, more than 350 people have donated and together, we have raised an incredible $56, 219. Every donation to this cause sends a strong message: refugees are welcome in our communities. The family is expected to arrive in early 2016. Together, with a group of four friends and many supporters, Samantha and Farzin will spend the next 12 months helping this family make Toronto home – private refugee sponsors commit to assisting with everything from connecting the newcomers to local elementary schools, to finding an apartment, to registering for OHIP and securing employment.

100% of donations made will fund these efforts. Every dollar of the money raised will pay for the family's shelter, food, clothing, and everything in-between for their first 12 months as permanent residents of Canada. Interested in learning more or making a donation? Click here. 


When we heard the story of a boy named Brandon in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program who was falling behind in school, we knew we had to step in. Though a very bright and artistic ten-year-old with a passion for learning, he had to wait in line at the computer lab instead of doing his homework with the help of a personal laptop, like all his friends. He also struggled in subjects his mother couldn't help with. Les Pastras purchased a laptop for him and paid for a tutor who is assisting him with all his coursework. He has now caught up and is even excelling! 

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