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Receive 100 GRAMS of black Perigord truffles for arrival in January or February, plus the adoption package.  This same amount of truffles purchased directly from a grower at a Provençal truffle market would be worth well over 100€ at this time of year. With our adoption program, you'll pay less than if you shopped at a French truffle market in person. 


You pay the registration fee and shipping only for the first year, then the annual adoption fee plus shipping in the years that follow, making your truffle tree an investment in gourmet living! 

150€ plus shipping for first year. 75€ plus shipping for each year to follow. Cancel or skip a year at any time. Shipping and customs charges depend on your location, please inquire for exact cost. Have questions? Click here to read the FAQs.

"We had a truffle dinner party last night! Bison tenderloin with a porcini truffle sauce, truffle mac and cheese, and truffle ice cream! It was incredible! Thanks for the truffles! Sincerely," Marsha Berdan, USA

"In a word, awesome! Best I have ever had. Super fresh, pungent aroma, very flavorful. Made Alfredo from the Pastras website link (their favorite recipe)." Rex Anderson, USA

"We had a wonderful dinner with our winter truffles that we received last week...thank you" Simon Ouellet, Canada

"I did a brie bowl with shaved truffles that was fabulous, as were all of our dishes last week at our truffle dinner." Kristen Parsons, USA

"Thank you for the delicious truffles. We made this pasta dish last night. Just outstanding. Had warm thoughts of our beautiful afternoon at your property. I hope all is well." Brad Knapp

"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the truffle feast!!! We were able to share our feast (and our knowledge of truffles) with our friends. We will be staying in Provence again this summer and will definitely stop by for a visit and to check out our truffle tree!!!" Lisa Mebs, Canada

"Wonderful Truffles! Merci! Mushroom Risotto with Truffles, Seared Scallops & Arugula." Jon & April Durant, USA

"My parents enjoyed their truffle dinner immensely! Just thought I'd share with you..."first course- scallops, radishes, fried anchovies, orchid flower with truffle garnish; second course-truffled cauliflower bisque- main course - Osso Buco veal with rissoles and truffles, dessert- white truffle with raspberry sauce, whipped cream and raspberries. It was wonderful. Thanks for truffles!" Matt Delawder, USA

"Many thanks indeed, the package has arrived on Friday. It looks fantastic!" Ibolya Tonner, Scotland

"I've been waiting for this day, we received our truffles today! I wanted to share with you one of the photos of what we used it with. Tagliatelle w/butter/parmesan and of course lots of truffles. I look forward to using it this week in many dishes some of which I got from your website. This took me back to my first time trying truffles. Simply Amazing! Also, reminds me of my time in the South of France. With the Chicago cold, it could not have come at a better time.

Thank you again!!" Bette Ruzich, Chicago

"Winter truffles in January are starting to feel like a second Christmas to me :)" Sarah Sagullo, Houston

"We received the truffles and the pâté de sanglier all in good order. We duplicated your serving with cheese and butter with truffle oil. All of them were wonderful." Mike Lithman, Jacksonville, FL

Just wanted to say thank you for the truffles. Once I opened the silver box the aromatic truffles brought me back to our time I'm Provence. Made a lovely breakfast of cloud eggs with the truffles folded into them." Mark Moberg

This year’s masterpieces. Truffle cream pasta with shiitakes and shaved truffle. And truffled deviled eggs. Thank you" Brad Knapp

"The truffles arrived with our other French goodies. Thank you for all your efforts and behind the scene work to make our party a success. Our family and friends look forward to the truffle party every year. Merci Beaucoup," Michael A. Zelle

"Hello! We received our truffles last night. Thank you. Amazing! We made a risotto that was the best we have ever had. Delicious!

All the best to you" Gael-Anne and Chad, Vancouver, Canada

"Thank you so much for hunting the wonderful truffles. We had a great evening with 40 guests enjoying the best of France. Looking forward to next year. Merci Beaucoup!" The Zelle’s

IMPORTANT! If this is a gift, please provide the name as you wish it to appear on the nameplate, plus the address, phone number and e-mail address of the recipient.

Payment to be made at time of order. Following years' tree adoption fees to be paid annually in December. Buyer/recipient may decline to continue tree ownership at any time.

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