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Here are a few of our favorite truffle dishes, in no particular order. Some are proper recipes, others are just guidelines to follow or ideas for simple and tasty truffle dishes. Enjoy!

Truffle popover stuffed with foie gras and truffle, served on truffle Bordelaise sauce. We had this at Chez Bruno, France's most famous truffle restaurant. Bruno used a whole frozen summer truffle inside this dish, but we recommend using freshly shaved winter truffle for the filling and for folding into the Bordelais sauce just before serving. Follow this recipe for the popover and place the truffle and foie gras inside each muffin tin before baking. Divine!

Oeufs plat (flat eggs). A guest described this dish to us and we were able to re-create it here at home just based on his instructions. Line a sieve with plastic wrap and brush with melted butter. Place the sieve above a pot of boiling water and crack two eggs into it. Cover and add truffles when eggs are about halfway cooked. Season with salt. Simple and delicious.

Truffle pasta. Truffles complement any rich, creamy pasta recipe you might have. Just grate fresh truffles on top of your favorite one - this is ours.

Truffled potatoes au gratin. We just can't do better than this recipe from the Taste of Home web site. Just add a sprinkling of diced truffle to the mixture before baking and then shave plenty of fresh truffles on top when serving. This dish is a real crowd-pleaser. So don't expect to have leftovers.

White pizza with mushrooms and truffles. We admit, we've never made a pizza from scratch. We usually order our pizza from the little place in the village and then shave truffles on top of it. But if you're inclined to make your own, this recipe looks like a good one. But instead of truffle oil, use fresh truffles! (Special thanks to Kendall Gustavson of The Modern Pantry for this photo of her white pizza topped with summer truffles.)

Mushroom and truffle omelette. Any omelette recipe will do, with any type of mushrooms. We recommend using a mild cheese like gruyere, parmesan, emmenthal or comté. A stronger goat cheese competes with the flavor of the truffle too much for our tastes. We also recommend cooking your omelette in salted butter. Add sliced truffles just before folding the omelette. Yum!

Steamed potato with mushroom cream sauce and truffles. This was another dish we had at the famous Chez Bruno. It was the center of a whole steamed potato on a bed of mushroom cream sauce covered liberally with shaved truffles. Simple. Delicious. Even better with a pinch of salt.

Truffle and mushroom barley risotto. Another simple but mouth-watering choice. Just follow this recipe for barley risotto with mushrooms and shave fresh truffles on top just before serving. A personal favorite! We could eat this every day.

Black truffle ice cream. A Les Pastras guest tried this recipe with fantastic results, with our truffle honey!

Steak with truffles. Couldn't be simpler. Cook your favorite cut to taste. Brush with salted butter to finish and then shave fresh truffles on top. Voila!

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